Teaching Style

Kenny Hassler

40 yrs playing and teaching experience…all styles.

Author of:
Beginner to Intermediate Jazz Drumming
Beginner to Intermediate Rock Drumming
Declaration of Rudimental Independence
Ten Play Along Pop Charts
Sightreading for Drummies


  • Rudiments
  • Reading
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Afro Cuban- Brazilian
  • Funk
  • Classical
  • Military
  • Sight Reading
  • Big Band
  • Interpreting Drum Charts


My method of teaching, along with the books I’ve written are designed to bring a beginner student to an intermediate level in a matter of weeks. I give special attention to School Ensemble work and NYSSMA Solos.

All styles of drumming are taught. Emphasis on the basics at first: reading and basic time patterns, to give a foundation. Then on to Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Sight Reading, Military, Classical and many more.

For students who have studied previously, I offer conceptual guidance, along with 40 years of professional playing experience. I will access your strong points, as well as your weaknesses, and bring you up to a level of a totally balanced Drummer, enabling you to handle any musical situation.
I know what is required to be a Good Drummer. Whether you want to be the Drummer who goes on to a professional career, or the Drummer who gets the Drum chair in the High School Jazz Band, or you want to play in a band with your friends and rock out!

Over my 40 years of playing the drums professionally, and 30 years of teaching, I have developed a style of teaching that is Fun, Easy, Direct, and Precise.